Project Keep Warm

Project Keep Warm: This is an annual donation drive and collection of warm weather items (blankets, coats, gloves, hats, etc.). Items are distributed to those in need for free to various nonprofits, streets, shelters, low income housing, families including children, seniors, and many more.

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Committee Chair

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  • Are you looking to give back? We just added many more dates to help sort donations. From Nov to Jan we'll mainly be sorting donations for Project Keep Warm. Click here to volunteer!

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Project Keep Warm History


  • Our first year, 250 blankets collected and donated
  • Blankets delivered to 5 different homeless shelters in the Lehigh Valley


  • Expanded into collecting all types of winter gear items
  • Total of 1,200 winter gear items collected
  • More than 15 local Non-Profits in 5 separate counties received donations. Homeless Shelters, Animal Shelter, Food Pantries, and Families w/ children, Children & Youth Org, Mental Health Centers, Homeless individuals and others...
  • 35 local businesses in 3 separate counties became community partners / drop off locations
  • Local High School Students earned community service hours
  • Individuals collected through-out their neighborhoods, PTA, Family & Friends.

Outcome from Project Keep Warm 2014
We collected more than 4,500 items and donated to more than 50 agencies


  • Project expands into NJ. PKW is now in two states
  • Launched a separate Bucks County committee to cover Bucks County needs for 2015
  • Requests came from 7 different counties
  • More than 100 drop off locations in 5 counties (close to triple from last year)
  • Upwards of 120 volunteers took part
  • Schools, Private Businesses, Senators, County Offices, Small to Large businesses, Scout troops, Churches, Individuals and many more assisted
  • NO donated item(s) were resold for a profit
  • Agency requesting donations were asked to complete pre-order forms
  • 100% of PKW funds raised will go directly back into the community in helping those in need
  • Orders of more than 20,000 items were requested from 32 separate agencies (not including individual needs)
  • Executive Education Charter School in Allentown allows PKW to use their facility as main distribution center
  • WLEV and LVBG have partnered to host their warm and fuzzy FREE Coats
  • Conducted first annual community day open house for the public


  • PKW begins first annual summer sock drive campaign for the homeless (spring / summer) Collected over 2,500 pairs
  • Over 200 community service hours earned by local high school students
  • Volunteers increase by 30
  • Executive Education Charter school again hosted us and our donations
  • FedEx made 400 P & B sandwiches on our community day
  • Executive Education Charter School & Linton Food Service provided hot meals to 400 people
  • Donations est. at 10,000 items handed out
  • More than 200 coats & jackets were taken to inner city neighborhoods (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) and hung in parks, trees, etc. as a way of getting these to those in need


  • One of our goals in 2016 is take PKW mobile so we can reach more homeless and families in inner city areas
  • We want to increase the number of high school community service hours
  • Partner with other organizations in the valley to join PKW


  • We collected close to 8,000 items 
  • Held 3 separate Community Outreach Days (Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton)
  • Two walk-in sites are still open and offering winter coats (Bethlehem & Easton)
  • Over 200 volunteers participated
  • Hundreds of coats hit the streets again this year
  • Several schools received coats and other items for their students
  • Homeless and Homeless Veterans received winter items
  • Nonprofits received much needed winter items for their clients
  • Homeless shelters received winter items, blankets, sheets, socks, etc.
  • More than 25 local businesses assisted in collecting items as drop offs
  • Schools took up collections and donated hundreds of blankets
  • Scouting organizations collected donations
  • Small to very large corporations collected donations
  • Neighborhoods collected donations
  • Mission Puerto Rico was launched to assist families from Puerto Rico
  • A young girl collected winter items vs asking for birthday gifts
  • A local business owner donated his building to Project Keep Warm so we could sort donations
  • A local business owner donated a Storage POD to store our donations
  • A local business and their employees picked up our donations again this year
  • High School Students received community service hours
  • Kidney Dialysis patients now have blankets to keep them warm

100% of Project Keep Warm funds raised will go directly back into the community in helping those in need
NO donated item(s) were resold for a profit
Develop and build more strategic partners in Lehigh Valley surrounding counties

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