Seniors Committee

Our committee are seniors, community partners, organizations and others who are interested in bringing others together to provide tips, cooking demo’s, speakers, plan outings, coordinate volunteering, provide mentoring and help others become more knowledgeable about the local resources that are available and more.

Committee Chair

  • Elizabeth Reyes
  • John Mehler



It is with great pleasure to announce our two new LVBG Senior Chairs
  • Elizabeth Reyes
  • Gloria Domina
We have partnered with the Easton Community Center to open a LVBG Senior Center.
Committee meetings are coming soon!
You can contact us at
Some ideas for the seniors committee are:
  • Donations of Fans for Seniors during summer heat
  • Volunteers to check on the elderly
  • Seniors Spotlight
  • Seniors Newsletter
  • Senior Fair with more than just vendors
  • Generational Cook Off
  • Seniors Band
  • Seniors Band members playing with other local musicians
  • Health and Wellness
  • Yoga
  • Healthy Eating
  • Cooking Demo’s
  • Baked item fundraisers
  • Gardening
  • Card Clubs
  • Knitting Clubs
  • Sewing Clubs
  • Chess, Tournaments
  • Seniors and Youth game days
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