Lehigh Valley Business Group: Health & Wellness Committee

Health & Wellness Committee

This committee is about helping to educate our community to have a healthier and balanced life.  We look to provide information on health, nutrition, and fitness through community outreach events

Interested in joining our volunteer team? email us at health@lvbg.org

Committee Chair

  • Eva Poliquin
  • Erika Ashman



  • 1st Annual LVBG Health & Wellness Soup Challenge! (See flyers below)


October 10, 2017 Event at Whole Foods:

The LVBG Health & Wellness committee is also doing a mock bedroom to help show parents how to locate drugs which may be concealed / hidden in their child's bedroom.

Bucket Garden Project

An event we enjoy doing is our 5 gallon garden bucket project. In 2016, more than 100 mostly inner city children took part in creating their very own garden. The children learned about eating healthy to planting and taking care of their very own vegetable plants. Each one took home their bucket with plants to take care and raise their favorite veggies.

More than 30 children and several staff took part in the LVBG Health & Wellness Bucket Garden Project for inner city families. On Saturday August 20th, 2016, members took part in developing a garden at the Salvation Army in center city Allentown. They planted pumpkin seeds, strawberry plants, green beans, lettuce and mums..... The kids can keep an eye out for the beans, and pumpkin to grow!

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