Lehigh Valley Business Group 2018 Accomplishments / Achievements

You never really realize all what my nonprofit org and our wonderful volunteers accomplished through-out the year. THANK YOU to everyone who supports LVBG. Very humbling to see this, truly amazing 🙂 God is good!

2019 is going to be another record breaking year. Much more being developed to give back, helping others and making a positive difference to individuals, businesses and our community.

Join us, volunteer, donate, become a sponsor, or other - we are always looking for ways to partner and help others

The Lehigh Valley Business Group is an all volunteer, non-paid, philanthropic / humanitarian organization. Our volunteers believe in giving back, helping others and making a positive difference to those in our community. We do this by donating our time, experiences, skills and talents that will lead to providing H.O.P.E. for those in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. H.O.P.E. means "Helping Other People Everyday. All are welcome!

Browse our website to learn more how you can help or get involved!

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