Press Release: Lehigh Valley Interagency Council (LVIAC)

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Kevin Cope Founder / CEO 


Lehigh Valley Business Group launches their newest committee called the Lehigh Valley Interagency Committee (LVIAC). LVIAC is a coalition of agencies, faith base organizations, nonprofits, government entities and other businesses providing human services. This committee is formed under the Lehigh Valley Business Group 


To build a networking bridge of local resources in the Lehigh Valley which unites and to assist in helping others to include individuals, businesses and our community 


To bring awareness through education and sharing of human services available to our members for the betterment of individuals and / or families throughout the Lehigh Valley community 

Meeting will be held at the Emmanuel EC Church at 75 East Union Blvd., Bethlehem on the last Thursday of each month. 

More information about the Lehigh Valley Business Group go to 

More information about the Lehigh Valley Interagency Committee go to

 LVBG MISSION: The Lehigh Valley Business Group is an all-volunteer, non-paid, nonprofit philanthropic organization. Our volunteers believe in giving back, helping others and making a positive difference to those in our community. We do this by donating our time, experiences, skills and talents that will lead to providing H.O.P.E. for those in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. H.O.P.E. means "Helping Other People Everyday." 

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