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Project Keep Warm is our annual collection of winter items. Every year we collect upwards of 10,000 items to are given to those less fortunate for free through-out our communities.

We invite everyone to be involved. You can be a collection location, start up your own collection with family, friends, neighbors, schools, churches, youth groups, and others.

You can volunteer to help at one of our many sorting nights / days - we invite all to join us.

You can make a monetary donation

If you would like to join the planning committee we are looking for the following committee leaders

• Logistics coordinator: Oversee volunteer drivers to pick up donations at drop off locations, etc.

• Donations coordinator: Oversees volunteer sorting (days/nights) exp dates, work with volunteer groups in setting up dates to help in sorting

• Communications coordinator: Helps to market, keeps stats, helps to coordinate community days and with other service providers in the community to connect and take orders they need

Next committee planning meeting(s): October 23rd, December 4th starting at 6:00 pm. We meet at 4418 Wagner Drive, Bethlehem

For our history and more information go to / project keep warm or email us at

Thank You!
Kevin Cope
Founder / CEO
Lehigh Valley Business Group

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